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Co Owner & HG3 Head Coach

Loves: Simple, no frills fitness that takes you by surprise every time you train.

Hates: Heavy Thrusters, I just can’t do them!

FYI: “I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and with more than a decade in the fitness industry, I've learned what works and what doesn’t. I have a simple approach to programming and coaching. All too often, people try to overcomplicate things, but it just needs to be engaging and well thought out. Fitness is a long term investment, so make it fun and something you’re likely to stick to.”



Co Owner & Sweat Head Coach

Loves: I’m happiest when I’m taking skills from gymnastics and applying them to a nice sweaty metabolic workout.

Hates: Rowing – give me a sprint over the rower any day of the week.

Nickname: Saz or Sazzle

FYI: “Working with athletes with fantastic form who can dominate a workout is inspiring, but my real passion is encouraging and introducing the people who have little or zero experience in a gym setting. My job is at its most rewarding when I see someone go from trepidation to confidence – learning new skills and workouts, these are the things that make coming to the gym a lifetime habit."


Gym Manager

Loves: Barbell and Gymnastics Movements, I just can’t get enough of those power cleans and bar gymnastics. 

Hates: Lunges and anything to do with the ‘devil’s contraption’ also known as the assault bike.  

Secrets: I’m always hungry, I love Yorkshire Tea & chocolate peanuts.

Nickname: I’m called Chase, do I need a nickname?

FYI: “I’m always full of encouragement and I love nothing more than being approached by members to help with skills in a 1-2-1 setting.”



Barbell Head Coach

Loves: Barbells. I love anything and everything associated with a big metal bar.

Hates: Running, unless I’m chasing a football.

Secrets: I was on the children’s TV programme ‘Jungle Run’ when I was a kid.

Nickname: Tommy Tin Slinger 

FYI: “As the Regional Manager for British Weight Lifting, I have a great passion for the sport, so I love heading up the barbell programming here at HG3. You’ll often see me coaching with my partner in crime, Jax the (HG3 gym) dog.”



Loves: Kettlebell coaching, Olympic weight lifting and nutrition.

Hates: Most things outside of kettlebell coaching.

Secrets: I make my classes fun and friendly, but I’m secretly pushing everyone out of their comfort zones.

Nickname: Just call me Tom

FYI: “I have an extensive understanding of fundamental movement principles along with a great passion for coaching and I’m 100% dedicated to improving clients’ overall health and performance.”




Loves: Burpees and wall balls.

Hates: I don’t really hate anything, although the barbell snatch is my nemesis.

Secrets: I used to be a competitive show jumper and I was invited to England netball trials. Also, I’m scared of bananas!

Nickname: Lyds 

FYI: “I’m friendly and 100% approachable all of the time. I’m the coach that always has a smile on her face, but I’ll bring the sass if the class gets unruly!”

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