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Olympic Weightlifting develops strength, speed, and power like no other training and now you can try it at HG3.

Perfect for...​

  • Building strength

  • Staying fit and healthy 

  • Complimenting your sport specific training

  • Coordination, agility, accuracy & balance

  • Improving overall strength, speed and power

  • Anyone wanting to train in a fully licensed British Weightlifting affiliated gym 

  • Going from entry level to accomplished lifter.


HG3 Fitness classes are an amazing way of exercising that is based around the movements you use to function in your everyday life; squatting, lifting, carrying, running, jumping, throwing … the list goes on. 

Perfect for...​

  • Small personal coaching groups, max 18

  • Varying strengths and fitness levels

  • Improving fitness

  • Gaining new skills

  • Injury recovery

  • Trying out kettlebell work, rope climbs, handstands, pull ups, double unders & Olympic lifting.

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HG3 NEXT GENDesigned for teens aged 13-18years, HG3 Next Gen offers a great introduction to weightlifting, gymnastics and the gym environment. No experience is needed to enjoy this weekly class!

Perfect for...​

  • After-school exercise

  • Any fitness level/experience

  • Introduction to new equipment and movements

  • Group workouts

  • Improving overall fitness and strength


With no prior fitness needed you can turn up and ignite your metabolism with an effective 45 minute fat burning session. 

Perfect for...

  • Busy schedules, sessions are only 45 mins

  • Working out as an individual or in a group environment

  • Any fitness level

  • Improving your aerobic capacity

  • Losing weight and shaping up

  • Trying out new equipment like Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes and Concept 2 Rows

  • Working the classics like Battling Kettlebells, Slam Balls & Bodyweight Exercises.

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